Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 2 Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will T-Pain Survive Andrew Lee's Blade?

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TBS's extreme talent competition is off to an off-the-charts start to its sophomore season!

With some of the most extreme and death-defying acts from around the country, [Go-Big Show's] second season spotlights everything from underwater escape artists, bull jumpers, and incredible feats of strength to trick riders and world-record holders.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE clip of tonight's guest, Andrew Lee, as he uses flying cutlery to put the fear of pain into the show's newest judge, T-Pain.

Go-Big Show

Hosted by larger-than-life comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer, Go-Big Show showcases the most impressive and daring acts ever seen on TV.

Competitors battle each week for a spot in the finale where the winner will walk away with $100,000.

Rapper and record producer T-Pain joins Rosario Dawson, Cory Rhodes, and Jennifer Nettles on the judging panel for Season 2, replacing Snoop Dogg, who sat in judgment through Season 1.

Not sure if T-Pain knew what he was signing up for, but he sure looks surprised when he steps up to "pick a card, any card," then ends up Andrew Lee's knife-throwing target.

It's In The Cards

Nettles looks just as stunned when she finds herself between thrower and target without even the woodblock shield T-Pain gets.

Non-participating judges, Rhodes and Dawson, also appear anxious, wondering if their newest judge might not be around for much longer.

Malaysian magician Andrew Lee, on the other hand, is cool and collected. And why shouldn't he be? He's the one throwing the knife.

Having appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2018, Lee impresses with his style, charm, and humor. But, most of all, his skill.

Andrew Lee and Jennifer Nettles

Meanwhile, Lee's competition looks to be literally and figuratively on fire.

Annaliese Nock, an 8th generation circus performer, holds a Guinness World Record for the most somersaults on a wheel of death in one minute.

She's competed on multiple seasons of America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent, both solo and with her father, professional daredevil Bello Nock.

Here, it looks like she takes judge Cory Rhodes through his paces.

Cory Rhodes Takes a Walk

Then, she takes it to a higher level. Again, literally.

Balancing on the OUTSIDE of a flaming wheel of death, Nock's performance is bound to keep us gasping.

Facing down basic human fears, she manages to combine heights and fire while the wheel of death tries to live up to its name.

Will she defy the odds? Will she wow the judges? Will she make her circus ancestors proud?

Girl's On Fire

Another contestant competing is stuntman Thomas Vu who works in film and television and has performed on Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as well as ABC's The Rookie and CBS's SEAL Team.

He is also apparently really good at solving Rubik's Cubes because it appears that his act is solving one while lit on FIRE.


Solving It Under Pressure

Any way you want to come at it, Go-Big Show is the definition of "lit," so check it out on TBS, Thursdays 9/8c!

And now, take a seat and get ready to be amazed by the most terrifying way to pick a card out of a deck.

At least, it is for T-Pain.

Exclusive to TV Fanatic, check out Andrew Lee's knife-wielding magic!

What did you think, Fanatics? Were you able to watch as that knife sliced through the air?

Who do you think was the most shocked, Jennifer Nettles or T-Pain?

Will you be tuning in to see who manages to GO BIG and who just goes home?

Hit the comments below with your reactions and predictions!

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