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She says its time to get him dressed in better clothes and grabs his penis which immediately gets hard again and leads him by his penis, naked and erect into the castle, exaggerating the sway of her hips as she walks a pace in front of him, so he can watch her ass bounce, jiggle and shake. As the bubble gets her, Ariel tries swimming out of it. At dinner, Ariel tries to impress Eric at the table, but fails as the information Scuttle had given her was incorrect. While his claw isn't pinching hard enough to hurt her, Ariel does gasp in surprise and pleasure, causing her to waste most of her air. We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers. After a few seconds, he thinks that Ariel might have sunken into the water. As they do, Flounder accidentally strokes Ariel's vagina with his fin, causing her to gasp and lose more air.

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Eric wraps his arm around Ariel and pulls her to the surface, unknowingly grabbing her left breast in the process, making Ariel aroused, despite being unconscious, as shown when she lightly gasps and spews out more bubbles.

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Unfortunately, Ariel's scheme backfires and the splashing only attracts the attention of Max. Then the wind blows the sail upward, exposing Ariel's navel area, which Max begins licking, too, increasing Ariel's silent fit of hysteria, tears filling her eyes. Not wanting to get hurt, she tries to stand up, but she is not used to how slippery ice is and falls, landing on her bottom and causing the ice around her to start breaking. Suddenly, her eyes widen as she finally understands: One of the hands holds her, the thumb wrapping behind her back while most of the other fingers curl around her stomach, just below her breasts, with the exception of the index finger, which pushes underneath her seashell bra and messages one of her nipples, causing her singing to give an air of arousal. She adds that men don't like women who talk, and Ariel uncertainly gives in, much to Ursula's delight, who keeps dancing around, flouncing and shaking her boobs and bottom.

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