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This position may not be especially comfortable if he has a large penis. Any position which allows the man to put a hand under one or both of his partner's buttocks and pull them slightly and gently apart can be very exciting for the woman - the gentle spreading of the cheeks of her bottom will pull on her anus and add a lot of intensity to the sensations she is experiencing as he thrusts. Mind you, he has to communicate this to his partner so that she knows he is nearing "the point of no return". The basic man on top position illustrated You can bend your arms more and rest more of your weight on your partner if she is comfortable with this. Perhaps the most important advantage is that it permits lovemaking even when the man has a partial erection.

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So alternating between shallow and deep penetration can be a teasing, thrilling experience for them both, but especially for her if she also enjoys her vagina being deliciously filled with her man's penis.

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