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Garcia makes a speech about keepiing NYC safe and hunting McClane down.  McClane is watching as Garcia talks about his wife's death and says that he will find McClane and put him back behind bars.

Angela comes up to McClane in the shower. Breakfast is ready.

Wheatley used to love NYC but now hates it because of Elliot. He plans to remarry Angela, remake his fortune, and burn the city to the ground. He wants McClane to help but McClane isn't interested. McClane likes the governor and thinks he's the real deal. Wheatley says McClane owes him. McClane doesn't think so. Wheatley has a goon take McClane "somewhere grimy." Angela informs Wheatley she's not remarrying him. He thinks she will.

All tips have not panned out. Adam and Jett have a sexually charged war of words.

Bell questions McClane's ex and her mother. The mother hates McClane and barely lets Victoria talk. The mother wants to be left alone.

Stabler recognizes what the mother said as from Wheatley's podcast. He is sure Wheatley is behind the cyberattacks. Bell says they don't have any proof yet. Anyway Wheatley is everything McClane is against. Stabler says that's their hope.

Jett and Adam find out that McClane's followers are planning on causing chaos through cyber hacks. ATMs are hacked and start spitting out money, causing people to trample each other, traffic lights stop working causing accidents, etc.

More ransomware too and more McClane sightings Schools may shut down. Wheatley shows up and says they can expect a series of attacks over the next few days. Has the FBI been hacked yet? They should all check their phones, especially the governor. Garcia discovers his phone has been hacked. Wheatley offers him a Faraday bag and asks someone to work on Garcia's phone. He claims to be on the same side, wanting to get McClane back in jail.

Stabler talks to Wheatley over video. He says Wheatley and McClane were on the same prison bus. Garcia doesn't see what that has to do with anything. Stabler accuses Wheatley of being behind the hacks and signs off.

McClane sits on a bench and gets a delivery. Wheatley calls about a pacakage.

McClabe goes into a bank to make a deposit. He talks to the teller about a place she wants to work and gives her a contact. Then he asks for a favor. He wants to open an account but not in his name. She realizes he's the hacker. Why can't he use cyrpto? He says it's too risky. Please, he doesn't want to go to prison until this is taken care of. She starts to press a silent alarm and says she's sorry.

Stabler sees Wheatley get in a car. Bell calls and tells him to meet her at the bank.

Bell and Stabler question the teller. They get Kesha's info. Stabler realizes she's related to the janitor that died. Stabler calls Jett. He wants to get a message to McClane. That means dealing with Adam some more.

McClane sits in a bar while Stabler tells Jett he wants to meet with McClane, let him pick the spot. Adam is surprised to discover McClane has responded using his signature triple encryption. If they do what they say he will turn himself in.

Jett and Adam go to the spot but McClane is not there. He calls a pay phone and wants to meet Kesha and her mother in person. Stabler says tell him not to panic as he is coming.

McClane wants an account set up. Once the money is in the account he will peacefully surrender in front of Kesha's house. Stabler wants to know how they will get the money but McClane hangs up. Adam says he'snot here. A guy on a bike knocks Adam over and leaves a bag.

Bernadette is in her garden smoking when she hears a noise.  Someone is whistling but no one reveals themselves. She says she is calling her son. He says he just got home. He thinks it's the wind but then he sees Wheatley walking and tells her to go inside. Stabler confronts Wheatley who claims he is just grabbing a slice of pizza.

Bernadette is worried about what this is doing to Elliot.

Later, Bell tells Stabler that Garcia has ordered them to stand down and let the Feds handle it.

McClane walks toward the appointed spot, past some police cars. He knocks on Kesha's door and meets her mother. She wants him to stay away from Kesha. He offers her th money and says he will go back to prison. She says he deserves to be there. McClane says bye to Kesha and goes. He puts his hands up and surrenders to the FBI while the OC team watches. It turns out those were fake FBI agents hired by Wheatley. A fake agent knocks McClane out.

Wheatley meets with Garcia and says he's hopeful they are closing in on McClane. He's not looking for credit and says Garcia is familiar with Stabler. He asks if Garcia knows what happened to Kathy. Garcia is grateful that they are both focused on McClane. Wheatley says Stabler is unfocused. He says Stabler is the Energizer Bunny, unstoppable. He thinks Stabler is an overzealous cop. He claims Stabler is Ahab and he's the white whale.

Angela tells McClane not to trust Wheatley but to use his skills for good. She will help him.

OC has a hit on the car. Stabler says Wheatley instead of McClane by accident.

Angela says that McClane needs to go meet Wheatley. She put a few things in there for him. She thanks him for giving her something to believe in.

Angela calls Wheatley. They agree the cops are looking for McClane. The cops go to see Angela, who claims she sent McClane away and he stole her car.

APB - suspicious vehicle in Jersey. Stabler and Bell check it out. They go into a dingy building. Stabler gets a call. It's Wheatley gloating.  Stabler hangs up on him.

Wheatley and McClane meet.  Stabler and Bell are looking for them. Stabler thinks he sees them. Suddenly the lights go out. Stabler and Bell are searching in the dark as a helicopter roars overhead.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Wheatley: You owe me.
McClane: I didn't ask you to bust me out of prison, but since you did, there's only one person I owe, and I'm going to pay that debt.

Wheatley: I used to love New York City. It provided me with a life I could only dream of. It was one of two loves of my life.
McClane: What was the other?
Wheatley: You've met Angela.